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Our modern generation eat healthier, exercise and aspire to look good. Why not complete your transformation with a beautiful healthy smile? It is well documented that poor oral health can increase the incidence of heart and pulmonary/lung disease and even arthritis. Can you afford not to look after your oral health?

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Oral health screening and family visits

We would like to encourage patients to attend our surgery every 6 months for a dental examination and cleaning. This will boost your dental confidence and you can build a professional relationship with your dentist and therapist. Early diagnosis of dental problems will save you money and possible discomfort in the future. We advise the same examination intervals for children.

Please note the charges for children. During your 30 minute examination we will perform: an oral cancer screening, gum health assessment, diagnose decay and give you a printed treatment plan. Your bespoke treatment plan will be discussed and we will endeavour to answer all your questions.


Matching the colour of your teeth, we use a white composite filling material as filling of choice. This high quality material is using nano-technology to improve the aesthetics and wear of the fillings. This improves the longevity of the modern filling, compared to the older materials, which is still being used.

In most filling cases you will need to be numbed. Ronette and Johan will use topical cream to ease the discomfort of an injection.

Root fillings

Unfortunately every now and again a tooth will lose its vitality and form an abscess. An abscess can be painful and debilitating. The only way to treat this is with antibiotics, followed by root canal treatment or the removal of the tooth.

Root canal treatment should be a pain free experience, but can be time consuming. We use the newest technology to attempt a successful outcome. There is unfortunately a 20% chance of root canal treatment failure, which is usually due to patients delaying seeking treatment. When in pain, losing a tooth often seems like the easier and quickest option. After the pain subsides you will regret this treatment choice. Losing a tooth can lead to the loss of function, drifting and over eruption of teeth and cosmetic compromise. The loss of a tooth can lead to more tooth failure in the future, due to overloading of the rest of the dentition.

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