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A smile makeover – Do you want that beautiful white TV smile or do you prefer a natural healthy look? Dr Ronette and Johan Goosen have perfected their dental skills in different disciplines to provide you with your dream smile.

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Teeth Whitening

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We use Enlighten one of the best whitening systems available. Since October 2012 the EU directive has judge it illegal to use whitening gels which has more than 16% carbamide peroxide. It is also illegal for any one outside the dental profession to sell tooth whitening products.

During your free tooth whitening consultation we will asses your oral health status to see if you are suitable for tooth whitening treatment. We will then discuss the limitations, the possible outcomes, risks and expectations.

Orthodontic Treatment

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Are you ashamed of your poorly positioned front teeth? Don’t compromise with veneers, rather position your own teeth in the ideal position and have the smile of your dreams that can last a lifetime.

Dr Ronette Goosen has 17 years of orthodontic experience. Gaining her knowledge in North Staffordshire Hospital's orthodontic department as a clinical assistant, completing a post graduate certificate in orthodontics and working for years at a specialist orthodontic surgery, means you can now get beautiful straight teeth without compromise. Some cases can take as short as 6 months to achieve a desired result, so please book in for a consultation so we can discuss your options. Cosmetic, ceramic brackets are available to make your braces less noticeable.

For those who want invisible braces we recommend Invisalign clear brace aligners.


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Dental implants is one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth and to restore your smile and function. Research shows that implants has more than 90% success rate over 20 years compare to the 65% success rate over 15 years for bridge work. This is not a guarantee but a statistical comparison.

Placing a root shaped implant is normally much easier than having a tooth out with much less complications. Most of our patients are happily surprised at how easy the procedure went. As you can see in our Testimonial page. link

Root shaped dental implants is used to replace the missing root of the extracted tooth. The benefits are obvious. There is no damage to the adjacent teeth which may lead to bigger gaps in the future, it is cost effective in the long run due to the better longevity and it also provides us with an alternative option than dentures.


Teeth veneers

Are your teeth heavily filled, discoloured, poorly shaped or in a general poor aesthetic condition?

Veneers can be your ideal solution for a brighter smile. Veneers can best be described as a porcelain cover for your teeth, very much like false nails. This is an invasive procedure where the surface of your teeth needs to be prepared to receive the veneers. In order to get a predictable aesthetic outcome we have to remove 0.5mm to 2mm of the tooth's surface.

The longevity of veneers is 8-15 years depending on your habits and general oral health. When your veneers have lost their aesthetic appeal the procedure may have to be repeated. Occasionally a veneered tooth may lose its vitality and needs to be treated with root canal therapy. It is for these reasons that we usually only perform veneer treatment if your teeth aren’t suitable for orthodontic treatment.

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