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Are you eating healthier and exercise regularly? Why not complete your transformation with a beautiful healthy smile?

It is very well documented that poor oral health can increase the risk for heart and pulmonary/lung disease and even arthritis. Can you afford not to look after your oral health? Join our dental plan today, for only £12.27 per month, and get oral health confidence for the future.

i. Oral health screening and family visits:

We would like to encourage patients to attend our surgery every 6 months for a check up and cleaning. This way you can get confidence and build a professional relationship with your dentist. It also enables us to diagnose potential problems at an early stage saving you money and possible discomfort in the long run. We advise the same examination intervals for children. We offer one free examination per year for children of registered adults, who attends the surgery on regular intervals. The second examination in any given year is half price.


During your 30 minute examination we will do; cancer screening, gum disease assessment, diagnose decay and give you a printed treatment plan. We will then discuss the treatment plan with you and try to

answer all your questions. We will also give you oral hygiene instructions and diet advise.

ii. Fillings

In 90% of our filling cases we will use tooth coloured filling materials which is matched with your own tooth colour. These filling materials are of the most advanced materials out there. Using nano-technology make these filling materials much more hard wearing than the earlier white filling materials, giving you better longevity.

In most filling cases you will need to be numbed. Ronette and Johan will use topical cream to ease the discomfort of a needle.

iii. Root fillings

Unfortunately every now and again a tooth will die and form an abscess. This could be very painful and the only way to treat this is with anti-biotics first, followed by having the tooth removed or saved by means of root canal treatment. Root canal treatment should be a pain free experience but can be time consuming. We use the newest technology to attempt a successful outcome. There is unfortunately a 20% chance of root canal treatment failure.

Losing a tooth seems often like the easier option at the time but after the pain is gone you will regret this treatment. Losing a tooth can lead to loss of function, drifting and over eruption of teeth and cosmetic compromise. It can also eventually lead to the loss of more teeth due to overloading and para-function.


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